Ing. LOOP @ Vierter Feldegger Maultrommeljam

14 June 2014. Ing. LOOP joined the 4th Feldegg Maultrommeljam and asked his friends: "What's the amazing thing about jew's harps?" You'll find their German and English answers in this film as well as their music.


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LOOPING jaw harp orchestra at Feldegg

22 June 2013. The complete orchestra on stage at Dritter Feldegger Maultrommeljam.Thank you, Bernhard Hanreich, for this wonderful meeting with friends!


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LOOPING jaw harp orchestra on Facebook

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Good Vibrations @ Feldegg Castle

The LOOPING jaw harp orchestra joined the jew’s harp day at the 1st FELDEGG OVERTONE DAYS (Erste Feldegger Obertontage). In front of Feldegg Castle Ing. LOOP, Bernhard Hanreich, Bernhard Mikuskovics, and Ernst Reitermaier played a small set with jaw harps, steel pans, overtone singing, soprano and bass clarinets, didgeridoo, fujara, mouth bow, and percussion.


Watch the LJHO videos here. And enjoy the following video with short tunes by Bernhard Mikuskovics, Wolf Janscha, Y-Project, Mollner Maultrommler, Maul- und Trommelseuche, and LOOPING jaw harp orchestra. Recorded in the night from 30 June to 1 July 2012.


New CD: Universal Language

Release date: 5 Dec. 2011

Music is a universal language indeed – but what about diversity of languages – in the music business, in the media and among the audience?

Do you speak Music? Do you understand a jaw harp accent along the harmonic series? The LOOPING jaw harp orchestra (LJHO) speaks its own language using the rich terminologies of jazz, world music, rock, reggae, folk and pop. Ing. LOOP [pronounced: engineer loop] and five other multi-instrumentalists are speaking up in a unique sound flavoured with musical humour.


Ing. LOOP is rolling out the musical carpet by plucking jaw harps: up to 17 of them in a single track, often deliberately distorted, and by playing steel pans (steel drums), marimba, accordion, keyboard and percussion. And he has found two additional like-minded peers in the fight for diversity in music and the protection of endangered rare instruments. Bernhard Hanreich has lent his voice to the LJHO, and what a voice: his undertone, overtone and head voice singing is a universal language which nobody can actually grasp but everybody feels deep inside.


Bernhard Mikuskovics also contributes overtone singing, but most of all, he enriches the LJHO by playing wind instruments such as dvojačka, hulusi, Native Indian flute and xaphoon. Further superb highlights come from musicians of the previous CD, Elephant Road: Ernst Reitermaier (soprano and bass clarinets), Peter H. Thomann (soprano and alto saxophones, zurna) and Boris Wokurka (trumpet).


Music: Ing. LOOP; except Tuba for Klaus, The Other Side (Bernhard Hanreich/Ing. LOOP) and Recover from Pain (Ing. LOOP/Bernhard Mikuskovics)

Producers: Ing. LOOP, Norbert Bieber           

Label: LOOPING no budget productions, Vienna, Austria

Sale: CD Baby (USA), (Austria/Europe), Amazon, iTunes ...





CD presentation: 5.12.2011, 7 pm, Café Concerto, Lerchenfelder Gürtel 53, 1160 Vienna, Austria

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